SmartSafe Aircond Flushing Machine Value 500 Plus

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SmartSafe Aircond Flushing Machine Value 500 Plus Aircond Flushing Machine

SmartSafe Aircond Fushing Value 500

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VALUE-500 PLUS ac refrigerator recovery machine can clean the internal pipeline of the car air conditioning system, effectively remove the sludge and scale inside the air conditioner, and restore the cooling performance of the air conditioner. We provide you with detailed video explanations, To learn more about Car AC Recharge Machine operation, click on the training center!


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AC500 automotive refrigerant recovery machine is intelligent equipment collecting the A/C flushing, recovery, recycling, recharging, and other functions in one. It’s with the beautiful shape, humanized operation interface, and advanced manufacturing processes to make the A/C maintenance professional and simple.

Functions Description
Air Conditioning System Cleaning
Cleans the air conditioning pipelines, eliminating sludge, powder, and other impurities from the pipelines. It thoroughly replaces the refrigeration oil, improves compressor lubrication, and enhances the cooling performance of
the air conditioning system
Refrigerant Recovery
Purifies and recycles refrigerant from the car's air conditioning system back into the working container, meeting reuse standards
Achieves vacuuming of the air conditioning pipelines and equipment pipelines
Refrigeration Oil Refilling
Supports manual/automatic refilling, with intelligent precision refilling achieved through a built-in electronic scale
Refrigerant Refilling
Adds refrigerant to the vehicle according to the set quantity
Automatic Mode
Automatically performs cleaning, recovery, vacuuming, refrigeration oil refilling, refrigerant refilling, and other operations based on the set parameters
Equipped with an automotive refrigerant model database, supports database retrieval, eliminating the need for manual setting
Supports printing of equipment execution results


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